Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Tourist

The tourist rated PG13 103min

This movie is one that has the elements of a classic who done it. You have beautiful people meeting in exotic locations getting swept up in a espionage story that has a flavor of a north by northwest. At least that what the trailers would have you believe. In reality you have beautiful people in exotic settings with absolutely none of the feel of the old time spy movies. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp play the main parts in this film, each providing as much to the characters as needed to collect a paycheck. I really expect so much more form Johnny Depp. His role choices in the past have been ones that have been exquisite studies into the uniqueness of characters that have been the center of many of his films. I have never been a fan of Angelina, She has never struck me as an actress that I can believe in, she seems to have one side to whatever role she is placed in. I think the only film that I liked her in was Girl Interrupted. I think at that point she had peaked as an actress and has not really moved on from there. In this movie she gives us a great face to look at but there is really nothing behind her eyes. This movie has some great potential but it seems to waste it. We have some heist movie elements but this movie takes place after the heisted and now we are trying to catch the clever bad guy who has a love interest with Angelina’s character, so Interpol is watching her and is keeping her under surveillance until the person they are hunting shows up. This movie left me flat over all and it seemed like many of the stars were here to shoot a quick movie over the weekend. Some other notable appearances are Paul Bettany who plays a detective on the trail of the bad guy who steals from bad guys and Timothy Dalton as his boss. Paul did a better job than his piers but still over all his performance was not enough to bring this film’s overall lack of feeling up any. Steven Berkoff did a good job of bring to life the wronged crime lord but again his effort was lost in a sea of apathy. This is Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s second full length film. His previous work on “lives of others” was a much better example of his potential. Technically there are some editing errors (If I see them on the first viewing the movie does not have my attention the story) but other than that it was a fine film from a technical standpoint. If you have nothing to do for the one hundred and three minuets that the movie plays for and you are going to be able to watch it for free, than you might want to choose this film. Or not It really does not warrant a look.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

No Review

My brother came over today and we played D&D. So me and my family him and his wife all kicked it old school. Paper and Dice. No movie this week. Besides TRON comes out next week. I might have to break my rule of what is next and plan to go see that.

Happy movie watching.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

The first movie I went to see was “Harry Patter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.”I walked up to the ticket booth and asked what is showing next. That’s was when I knew what I wanted to change my blog name to. BUT I digress.

Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 PG 13, 146 Min.

This is the first part of the last movie franchise that was started back in 2001. This movie is based on the book series from J.K. Rowling by the same name? Harry and his friends are at the height of the conflict with he who shall not be named. In this installment we take the last book and break it into two movies. Many of my friends say that it was a money grab to increase the profits and stretch out the length of paydays for this franchise. That may be true but I can see where you would want to break up the book into two parts. The book is naturally broken into two parts. The first half of the book is very much focused on our heroes trying to find out what to do and a lot of character development, primarily back story for the final dual. Many times in the past film makers have had to pick and choose what topics go into films when they cross over from book to movie. This movie has to be broken into parts to better serve each half of the final book.

For whatever reason they did it, it is a hard movie to watch. The story its self is hard to follow in as much most of the book is the characters arguing and sniping at one another while they flounder around from back drop to back drop. The actors do a great job, and the effects are top notch. I can say very little about the film from a technical standpoint, because it was well done. I was just drawn back into the book when I was reading it and felt that the first half of the book dragged as well.

I did feel a detachment from the movie for some reason; I was not bought into the characters. When key characters had died in the film I heard other people get moved by the sadness on the screen but I felt nothing. I don’t know why it did not work for me it might have been because I was trying too hard to separate myself from the drag of the story.

Was it entertaining, yes, but it did not movie me. David Yates has done a standard job with this film quality of his work on these films has remained constant. Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grant and Emma Watson did a wonderful job of relaying the struggle with the characters; they have had enough practice at them.

How would I rate this movie? I would say that if you are a fan of the series of movie this one will not disappoint. If you were only mildly entertained by the others I would say skip it.

Name Change

I am going to start doing something I have not done in a long time. I am going to start going to a movie every weekend. I plan to hit the matinee and see what is playing next. I used to go to the Post Theater in the army and just go to see whatever was playing. I had no expectation of the film I just went to be entertained.

I have lost touch with that hobby so I am going to get back into going more often. I plan to dedicate my life to the study and appreciation of film as a media source and as an art form. I am going to also try and get back to improving my written communication skills. I have started back to school and I am working on getting an Education to become a film professor in a collage. It has taken me 41 years to final know what I want o be when I grow up, better late than never.