Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Man on a Ledge

Man on a Ledge - 102min –PG13

This is an interesting twist on the heist film. I was entertained by the spirit of the film more than the film itself. Let me explain. This film mixes well used elements from previous films and tries to add a fresh new spin by adding the height of a skyscraper. The down side is that there are no new ideas here and no red herrings. This movie telegraphs everything that is going on, no secrets. I appreciate the film for the lack of thought so I just strapped in and enjoyed it. This is defiantly a yellow light film. One that does not make you work for anything and looks good on screen.

Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) is wrongfully accused of stealing a diamond from billionaire developer David Englander (Ed Harris). Nick went to prison and has spent the last three years planning a heist to steal the diamond to prove he is innocent of stealing the diamond. I know, I know, just run with it.

Nick’s father passes away and at the funeral he makes a break for it and puts his plan into action. While he is on the ledge his brother, Joey (Jamie Bell), and his girlfriend, Angie (Genesis Rodriguez), work on breaking into Englander’s vault. Nick requests Officer Mercer (Elizabeth Banks) be the one to talk him off the ledge. Officer Mercer is the only one he will talk to because she has been through similar circumstances at work.

The movie is directed by Asger Leth and is only his third project and his second time in the director’s chair. I say it’s not a bad second attempt at movie making. He has an eye for building tension and pacing. There is really no mystery in his story but most of that may be from the script. This is a very clean straight forward film and has no desire to be anything different. At least, I hope not. If so it was an utter failure.

This would make a great Lifetime movie of the week but as a movie it does not carry enough good story elements to make it to the big screen. The writer (Pablo F. Fenjves) has the fragment of an interesting concept here. Unfortunately it does not have the feel of a well polished story. This story could stand to go through a critique group or two. Its good, but it could be much better.

Warning Spoilers!! People who are not afraid of heights click here.

I love Kyra Sedgwick, I am a big fan of her work. I have to admit that her character must have married into the name Morales, because it was painful to hear her say it when she was introducing herself on the news. She through on way to much Latino spin to the name and it made it comical.

I knew the valet(William Sadler) was Nick’s dad from the second interaction. The entire heist was like a giant amateur hour. No one involved was a criminal so it was normal people doing this and I think that’s what I liked about it.

This entire movie is biting its thumb to the 1%. You have the little guy beating the uber rich and powerful guy. I think the film makers thought they could capitalize on the whole occupy movement and have people occupy this film. Well maybe not so much.

What is your favorite Sam Worthington role? I read a very unflattering review of his performance overall, and I disagree with their comment that he has no presence on camera. I would argue that he has not found his perfect role yet.

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