Monday, April 2, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

Movies have been missing stories that show that female characters can be just as strong as male characters. It is a deficit in our films that sadly still remains. Mirror, Mirror has a strong female lead and a great idea of empowerment but the poor story delivery ruins any hope of keeping the theme of female strength alive. This movie has a few bright spots and many good messages but smothers them in the flat images and limited scope of its settings. I really wanted this movie to be better but all it rates is a red light.

The story is well known, an evil queen (Julia Roberts) puts her beautiful young step daughter, Snow White (Lily Collins), to death. White gets saved by a soft hearted steward, Brighton (Nathan Lane). White is found by a group of bandits -- seven to be exact: Napoleon (Jordan Prentice), Half Pint (Mark Povinelli), Grub (Joe Gnoffo), Grimm (Danny Woodburn), Wolf (SebastianSaraceno), Butcher (Martin Klebba) and Chuckles (Ronald Lee Clark). 

With their help, White discovers her strength and she teaches them that people can change. The Prince (Armie Hammer) is under the queen’s love spell as she has designs on his money ANNNNNND because he is a beefcake. They take liberties with the story to make it more politically correct but fail in making it interesting.  

There is also a gross humor factor that I think was added to make kids giggle. For the story there is no real reason to have them in there. The story is supposed to be told from the perspective of the Evil Queen, but even that element gets lost.

She only leads into the story and does little more than set the stage. Then it falls back into it being about Snow white. They could have done much more with this as Julia Roberts is a powerhouse that ended up in a supporting role. 

Spoiler Warning!!! No one over 4 feet tall beyond this point.!!!!

The banter between the bandits was the best part of the movie, “who put you in charge of her lips?” “Guys we have a spare”, “I need you *smack* I mean we need you”. The only down side is that the stunt men used when they were on stilts had longer arms than the actors and it was painfully obvious. If I am noticing arm length instead of action, you are doing something wrong.

I loved how much potential that Snow white had as a character. I would enjoy seeing more of her fight against the queen’s forces. They could have lost the whole bird crap facial and bee sting lip botox treatment in favor of a montage of Snow White fighting.

Sean Bean makes an awesome King. He is really only in the movie for a few min but steals the scenes he is in. I can’t think of a movie that he did that I

You can never go wrong with a Bollywood Ending. I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe, I am entranced with the final dance number. Best part of the movie is right here Look I just saved you $7.50 and 106 min of your life watch it here.

What movie do you think has a great message of empowerment for women? AND was entertaining?


Fat Samurai said...

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Fat Samurai said...

Ok new interface is a pain; I think it’s all there.

I did want to say that the more I think about this movie the more disappointed I am. I calibrated with someone who took her children and she said they were not entertained by the film. In our conversation I realized that Snow white was supposed to be empowered but the prince was still condescending to her because she still did not have the skill needed to hold her own.

Also the message from the bandit was that people will see you and make a judgment so that give you the advantage, but they did not use that at all, they did not confront life as who they were, the use the stilts to change their appearance. Message fail on all fronts.