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Pixelschatten – 85min – N/A

I started this blog to write about movies that surprise me. What Is Showing Next is dedicated to the simple act of just seeing a movie. No matter if it’s good or bad, having an experience that gives you something to think about is the point. You can get enjoyment from reflection on how much you enjoyed it and to bag on how bad a film was. With this gamble you see a lot of bad movies; Pixlschatten is one of those rare occurrences where you get to see this art form in its purest and most beautiful sense. This movie takes a slice out of a person’s life and we see a pivotal moment where a choice changes everything. We see the ramifications of those choices and enjoy the journey. This is a green light film.

Pixel (Ben Gageik) is young blogger in a small town and his blog was well known as the go-to spot for all the information on the cool crowd and what parties are happening. His circle of friends move on with their lives. His roommate Lutz (Adrian Thomser) is tired of the teasing he gets, his Girlfriend Suse (Zora Klostermann) is upset at all of the personal details that get published to the blog. Pixel sees life advancing for everyone except him. So he posts something that changes their lives forever.

The cast brings to life the charters with honesty and genuine feeling. They seem very comfortable in their roles and are completely engaging. The story is told from Pixel’s point of view in a Citizen Cane-esque format that puts us into the story. We see the blog posts happen without having to read them so this gives us a better feeling or what the blog posts are about. We are included in the events so we know what has transpired.

The other element to the story is the chorus of people in the comments section that bring their perception of the events. They have a good feeling of how comments sections are full of people who contribute to the topic and some are distracters. The mix of live action and the overlay of comments capture the experience of online communication.

Anil Jacob Kunnel Wrote and directed this film the idea was inspired when a local contest hosted by the German equivalent of PBS known as the ZDF asked for story submissions. The station hosed a contest where people voted online for the stories they liked most and the winner received funding for the production.

I think that big studio productions can learn something from this independent film. The true value of a movie is in the richness of the story, and well developed characters. Way too many movies are now all bout the eye candy and not about anything worthwhile. I don’t know who said it first but “a simple story well told” is personified in this film.

Warning Spoilers!!!!! Schauen Sie weg, wenn Sie nicht wollen, Spoilers zu sehen!!!

Caro’s(Caroline Suren) obsession with Pixel borders on the creepy. Her segregation from the group toward the end I viewed as her friends trying to hide the secret that Pixel was gone and shield her from the problem of how they carried on in his absence.

Pixel’s courage to break away from his life is astounding, but it does make me wonder what he is doing with his life. I know that he is not the focus of the film but what the blog’s effect on his friends was the main point. But you spend time with the character it does make one at least think about how he is doing.

I say this on YouTube with the CC turned on. The comment section of the films was so quick at times it was hard to read, I would like to see this dubbed in English. I think it would play well.

If you had someone else paying for the production of a movie what story would you like to tell the world?

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Nick said...

Great review. I was lucky enough to see the film as well (my review here-

I certainly agree with a large part of the review as well, as it really is a beautiful, realistic look at a group of friends and their lives.