Monday, November 26, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph - 101min – PG
It’s very good to get back, I have another two weeks of classes but I couldn’t wait any longer. I am BACK BABY!!!!

I went to go see Wreck-It Ralph. Having spent most of my young life in either a movie theater or an arcade how could I pass this movie up? This movie spoke to me on a several levels and I do give it a green, but it was defiantly on the cusp of a yellow and a green. This is a kid focused film and it had some elements for adults but I noticed the balance was off from other family films. The message was delivered with a heavy hand and the story elements directed toward the adults were few and far between. I did notice the length of the film so it did not keep my attention.

Ralph (John C. Reilly) is a bad guy in a video game called Fix-it Felix Jr. the other characters from this game alienate him. In order to prove that he is more than just a bad guy he jumps games and tries to prove that he is more than his label of “bad guy”. Felix (Jack McBrayer), the hero of the game, goes in search of his gamemate because without the wrecking guy the game is in danger of being turned off for good. Ralph tries his hand at some of the other video games and meets Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch) from a first person shooter named Hero’s Duty and a glitch racer named Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman) from the racing game called Sugar Rush. While helping others, Ralph learns that he is not defined by the job that he does. A bad guy is what he does its not who he is.

I was under the misconception this was a Pixar film. It’s not. It is a Disney Animation Studio Film. The technical quality of story is high, but the balance for family members was slanted more to the kids than everyone. The one thing I can count on from a Pixar film is the focus on a great story that everyone can enjoy. I did enjoyed myself but I was defiantly not the target audience. I had a blast with the nostalgic game of spot your favorite arcade game characters, but it did not go on long enough to carry me through the movie. I enjoyed “Paperman” the cartoon Short at the beginning of the film more than the main movie.

Rich Moore directed this film and he is no stranger to the animation genre. His credits have Simpsons and Futurama among others that cater to the more mature viewer. In his attempt to swing more to the middle of the spectrum he overshot just a tad. This also may have been pressures from the studio to keep it cleaner and family friendly than what he is used to. I would say this is a great time for kids and an ok time for adults.

WARNING!!! Spoiler Alert!!! Only people with a high score click here to see the spoilers!!!!

Alan Tudyk does a great job as King Candy/Turbo Bug monster. He has such a great range with his voice and his characterizations that I had no idea it was him until I looked him up. He completely snuck up on me.

I thought the love interest was a bit much to add into the film. It added length but not really substance to the film. It really should have stayed focused on Ralph and his journey, and having Felix and Calhuon start a relationship did nothing to further the story along.

One nit-picky thing, this movie was set in an arcade, and you had arcade game bad guys at the meeting, why was Mario’s nemesis Bowser at that meeting? If all games communicate through the power system of the Arcade why would a console game character be there?(Ok shutting up now.)

*Update* My corrections department (my wife) has indicated that Vs Mario Brothers was an arcade game that featured Bowser as the boss bad guy. Ok!!! picky –nit retracted!!!

What was your favorite Arcade game growing up and did you see it in the movie?

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