Monday, May 11, 2015

Mad Max - Fury Road

Mad Max:Fury Road  - 120min - R

I know this movie is getting a lot of love from reviewers and viewers and I did enjoy most of it. It seems like the further and longer into the wasteland you travel the more unusual the bad guys get.  There is no doubt this is a high-octane, high-adrenaline, pedal-to-the-metal, no-holds-barred action movie. Action gets high marks, beautifully done. The grown up in me starts to ask questions and ruins the magic a little. I am forced to give this movie a yellow light to accommodate both sides of me.

I am trying to come up with a way to describe what they did to the story line here. It's a sequel but a reboot. Would that be a se-boot or a re-quel? They retcon the history so we are starting fresh.  I am unsure of where this fits in now because of the changes to the timeline but he still has his car and its running so it must have been before the Thunderdome.  But he is now not just a loner who is mourning the loss of his family he now has his demons haunting him with faces of lots of people we have never seen. Tom Hardy is certainly the new Max. He walks into the role like he has been performing it for years.

The reflex action that causes Maxes hand to flinch up seems a bit contrite we have never seen that action before. It seems a bit forced into the story for plot reasons and we now are seeing the emotional weight that Max is carrying around. I think it was more implied in previous movies and now they are busting out and he is now seeing things.

The introduction of Furiosa is outstanding. Charlize Theron does an excellent job bringing this new character to life with strength and compassion. She is just as powerful on screen as Max. I would even go so far as to say I'd watch the hell out of a movie focused on her struggle with creating a society around the ruins of the one they took over. She is interesting where so many of the side characters in the past haven't been.  

I start to wonder about logistics on how they survive in a land where so many things have disappeared. The spray cans of chrome paint they were spraying on themselves when they were about to die. Death comes hard and fast in the wasteland so really they have a huge supply of silver spray paint? Admittedly everyone else would have been getting the food, water and ammunition it was lucky for Immortal Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) to think "Crap I need to get as many of the little chrome paint cans for my minions in the fanatical army I am going to make."

Cirque du Soleil seem to find work after the apocalypse and that is where you might wonder how cool is too cool.  Most of those shots were all done with vehicles that were standing still and the CGI motion and that is outstanding and way safer than having a rolling fight on the trucks. The guitar player in front of the wall of speakers, you know the blind one with a flame thrower guitar. Yes cool looking but again distracting.  He was playing his ass off for the two to three days they were on the road. That is some serious playing but very silly.

If you are going to see this movie leave your adult taste at the door and don't over think this movie. It is nothing but eye candy. Pure, unadulterated eye candy and it doesn't need a reason.

Did you like this movie if so why? Are we rehashing old properties because we have run out of stories? 

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