Friday, December 14, 2018

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - 117min - PG

DC Animation was the gold standard, but this film has changed the game.  I want to see more from each of these characters. I collected the books when I was young, and this is the hands down best representation of this property. Sony is going to kick Warners Brother's ass at the box office if they keep this going. Read my full review here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Creed II

Creed II - 130 min - PG13

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Creed, it was a great way to bring a new spin on the old Rocky Movies.  When I heard they were going to do a sequel I admit I was excited but also a tad scared. I find rarely do the sequels stack up to the original.

Creed II continues the journey and ties in some of the lore of the previous films.  Some advice for Studios and filmmakers. If you have more good story to tell you need to do a sequel, if you see the first one made money and you have no story, DON'T DO A SEQUEL.  Creed II has a lot of great engaging character development to tell.

Read my review here at BlackFlix.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Girl in the Spider's Web

The new installment of the Millennium series is based on a new book written by David Lagercrantz. Stieg Larsson passed away in 2004 however the story goes on.  Lagercrantz captures all of the original elements and does a great job of continuing the legacy.

The filmmaker (Fede Alvarez) does a solid job of making a film that fits nicely into the series but suffers from pacing.  Just a few tweaks in editing could make this a solid franchise that has the potential to continue.

See my review on BlackFlix for more on this film. 

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Telluride Horror Show 

Telluride Horror Show | Horror Film Festival | Telluride, Colorado

Telluride Horror Show 2018

Telluride is known for an international film festival but people, unfortunately, overlook a festival that happens there in October. In my opinion, the horror show is fast becoming the premiere horror film festival in the nation. This year it had some of the best films I have seen to date. This is a festival that horror fans and nonhorror fans can enjoy. My wife joins me and sometimes watches the films but mostly has a great time in a historic mining town.

This festival has a little bit of everything, Feature films, shorts, authors and industry guests. This year they were showing Killer Klowns from Outer Space for a 30th-anniversary screening with the director Stephen Chiodo as well as highlighting a VR Horror experience (Delusion Lies within) where you are in the middle of a Lovecraftian story. They never cease to amaze me on what new addition to the festival we are going to get each year.

The town itself is perfect for this kind of festival. It’s deep in the moutans surrounded by peaks and forests where 1,500 people gather for the love of horror films. The location and outstanding moves aside the people who attend are some of the greatest people to talk to between films. At dinner, you can hear people talking about what they thought the ending of a film was supposed to be. People waiting and comparing notes on films they had to skip or a recap of some of the best shorts this year. They are there to get their scare on.

In the four years I have been attending, it was the year without flops. The films did not fall into good films and bad films categories this year they were good films and great films. One film (Terrified) scared the hell out of me, rarely happens now, and three others will stay with me forever.

The Guilty - This move is a great example of how to write and tell a story it is spine-tingling and it takes place in one room. Such an emotional journey you will be clutching your seat.

Tigers Are Not Afraid - Reminds me of the fantasy Pans Labyrinth but the monsters are far more terrifying. Humans are the scariest thing I can think of as it takes place in the drug war-torn streets of Mexico.

Anna and the Apocalypse - One of the reviewers said it is Shawn of the Dead meets La La Land. I disagree, its more like Shawn meets The Greatest Showman the songs were better than the ones in La La land.

If you prefer scary books you could have enjoyed the company of authors Paul Tremblay (The Cabin at the End of the World) and Jeremy Robert Jordan (Entropy in Bloom) who were there and took part in the scary campfire stories.

I am personally inviting everyone to go next year, you need to experience this great festival nestled in a valley where horror fans go share some of the best films in the best setting in the best festival in the country. Make plans now for next year the passes go fast so get yours early and I will meet you there.

What is Showing Next Refocus

I have been focusing on a few other projects recently but I am rededicating myself to this blog. I get the most enjoyment from talking and writing about movies. I am going to be posting more often as well as adding a few more fun events and activities where we can share movie going experiences. 

I am still contributing to different publications so I am going to start back posting to catch up with the work that is out there but I am going to be posting more here on my own slice of cyberspace.

I have gotten back from the Telluride Horror Show 2018.  I'll start there with a recap of the absolutely best weekend ever in Horror films. 

If you have any suggestions on films or film-related activities coming up send me an invite I would love to review it and post it here. 

Also going to rearrange the blog a bit please excuse our mess. 

I look forward to talking with you. 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Mile 22

Mile 22 - 94min - R

 This is a hot mess of a film. To sum up, some unlikeable people kill some folks and get killed.  Aside for a few bright stars in the film, you can skip it.

Here is my review from Blackflix.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Mission Impossible - Fallout

Mission Impossible - Fallout - 147min - PG13

This is an excellent continuation of the franchise.  Thes folks know how to make a film. When you have the right mix of performances storytelling and cinematography, you don't mess with it.

Here is my review on Blackflix

Friday, June 8, 2018

Ocean's 8

Ocean's 8 - 110 min - PG13

This is a marvelous addition to the franchise. I love how this does nothing to the original fils it doesn't change any of the established story it just adds to it.

This hits every mark of the heist film as well as brings us new characters to explore. Read my full review here on Blackflix. 

Friday, April 13, 2018


Rampage  - 107min - PG13

This was a fun ride made by people who also enjoyed the video game it's based on. There are a lot of nods to the game, but really it's just a fun excuse to have giant monsters destroy a city with the Rock.

Funny story Uve Boll was worried that this movie would harm his films series of the same name and was threatening legal action. The titles are the only thing in common. I have seen his trilogy, and they are doing an excellent job of harming themselves, besides he may get more views as unwary people may stumble on to his films looking for this one.

Read my review here on Blackflix

Friday, March 23, 2018

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Pacific Rim: Uprising  - 111 min - PG13

For a check your brain at the door and enjoy giant monster and giant robots fighting it fits the bill. I like this kind of film, but I also enjoy a good story to go with it.  I was not disappointed.  They seem to be setting this up for a franchise, it could be worse.  Read my full review here

Friday, March 16, 2018

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider - 118Min - PG13

This is one area where a reboot makes sense, we are trying to match the look and feel of a release of the video game franchise of the same name.  So you are going to want to start fresh. Alicia Vikander truly embodies the strength and essence of the character.  She totally Jackie Chan'd this performance doing most of her own action scenes.

Read my review here on Blackflix.